The Good Food Cincinnati Coalition is diligently building a multi-sectorial cadre of leaders with a clear goal of ensuring local ownership and buy-in for how GFPP can be a tool in addressing challenges to the Southern Ohio food system.


The Good Food Cincinnati Coalition has convened a series of stakeholder meetings with a focus on developing a well-rounded team of allies, campaign strategy as well as identifying potential institutions with which to partner in bringing the Good Food Purchasing Program to Cincinnati. In providing leadership to the campaign, the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center has published a white paper on inequities within the food system and how GFPP can address them.
On January 28th 2019, the Cincinnati School Board unanimously voted in favor of a resolution adopting the Good Food Purchasing Program in Cincinnati public schools. In 2017, Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) spent more than $7.7 million on food. By adopting this resolution, the school district takes an important step toward making sure those millions support not only healthy and delicious food for students, but also a strong local economy, fair working conditions for food sector workers, and sustainable and humane farming practices. The resolution was the result of a two and a half year process led by a robust and diverse community-based coalition advocating for the Program. The coalition roll call included 33 different groups and organizations represented at the meeting. Close to 100 local residents filled the auditorium—including many students, parents, food industry workers, civil rights activists, and environmentalists.
“The Good Food Purchasing Program has energized food justice activists in Cincinnati,” says Brennan Grayson, director of the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center. “It brings a bold vision to food justice activism, one that brings people from all parts of the food chain together. And togetherness is what people need to make changes in the food system.”


Lead Organization

  • Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center

Local Supporters

  • American Association of University of Professors–UC Chapter
  • Applied Information Resources
  • ASPCA National
  • Build 513
  • Cincinnati Central Labor Council – AFL-CIO
  • Cincinnati Chef’s Collaboration
  • Cincinnati Federation of Teachers
  • Citizen’s Climate Lobby
  • Faith & Community Alliance
  • First Unitarian & St. John’s Churches
  • Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council
  • Green Umbrella
  • IKORCC (Carpenters)
  • Iron Workers
  • IUPAT (Painters Union)
  • Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA)
  • Ohio Fair Trade
  • One Good Job Coalition
  • Our Harvest Cooperative
  • Sierra Club
  • Thriving Cincinnati
  • Transformations CDC
  • United Food & Commercial Workers
  • Woman’s City Club