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Project Description



In a state which is home to many food corporations as well as food cooperatives, the Twin Cities-based coalition has developed a collective of diverse stakeholders building a common purpose.


In 2016 over 40 stakeholder organizations began to talk about the power that purchasing has to make meaningful changes for communities impacted by the industrial food system. Early on some initial research was done by Pete Huff (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), Claire Stoscheck, graduate student and Food Justice Organizers Zoe Hollomon and Dylan Bradford-Kesti, looking at the Good Food Purchasing model and learning more about institutional food procurement locally. In November 2016 our Good Food Purchasing Twin Cities Coalition was formed, including the Minneapolis Public Schools Culinary Wellness Services, which has since taken its first (baseline) assessment and is working with the coalition and national partners to implement the standards and values at the district level.

In 2018 we learned more about how the industrial food system has and continues to impact our communities in meat packing plants, on small farms, in rural and urban communities, through teach-ins and listening sessions. We began using a teaching tool, a timeline of the food system from 1400’s-2000’s, to highlight areas of policy that need investment and action in order to create greater equity in our food system. We’ve adopted a racial equity framework that we use along with a set of priorities to guide our work. With our coalition and support from our national partners we’re working to make healthy, fair, local, sustainable, and humane food the regular choice, one institution at a time. Interested in contacting us? Email our Coalition Organizer, Zoe Hollomon, at



The following organizations made their formal public commitment to the Twin Cities GFPP Coalition at our meeting in November of 2016. In addition, many other organizations are working with us locally and nationally to move the work forward.

Lead Organization:

Local Coalition: