Local, Grass-fed Beef Coming to AISD Cafeterias

Russell Falcon

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Independent School District announced on Thursday that local, grass-fed beef is coming to its cafeterias.

The district says that with increased participation in cafeteria lunches, it will be able to feature the beef in more than just burger patties — which it has already been doing — but at all levels in recipes, including tacos, enchiladas and meatloaf.

“As a result of more AISD students making the choice to eat school meals, we are now able to serve Texas-raised, grass-fed beef district-wide,” said Annelise Tanner, AISD Executive Director of Food Services. “This change supports our mission of providing healthy, tasty meals to all students, and positively impacts Texas ranchers, the local economy and our commitment to the Good Food Purchasing Program.”

AISD says that program is its commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

“Research has found that grass-fed beef contains a greater nutritional value than conventionally raised beef,” the district’s announcement reads.

The grass-fed beef will come from Augustus Ranch in Yoakum and will be sourced through The Common Market Texas, a mission-based sustainable, farm foods distributor.

AISD serves about 75,000 meals per day across 129 campuses.