LOCAL COALITIONS/FOOD POLICY COUNCILS: Local coalitions play critical roles in the adoption and implementation process. These coalitions are organized into a network as part of the Good Food Purchasing Program, which provides opportunity for shared learning and trans-local coordination.  Additionally, Food Chain Workers Alliance, a lead Good Food Purchasing Program partner, is available to provide trainings on coalition and movement-building, racial equity and justice along the food chain, and assist in developing local alignment as it relates to each of the five value categories. See our resources page to get started.

INSTITUTIONS: A wide range of materials and technical assistance opportunities are available to institutions that participate in the Good Food Purchasing Program, including templates and processes for gathering purchasing data, customized branded materials to advertise the initiative to constituents, access to preferred supplier lists of producers who meet the highest levels in each value category, suggested bidding and contract language, and individualized technical support to set and meet Good Food Purchasing goals. Connect with the Center for Good Food Purchasing for further information about support and resources available to institutions throughout the process.